Thursday, June 03, 2010

Games for 9th June 2010

Last night there were two games. Rob's game was in 6mm. I didn't have my specs on, so I am not sure what it was or what happened. I'm pretty certain it wasn't the naval game advertised though !

James and Simon certainly didn't play LOTR though. I am sure of that. Not least because James sat around agitating on the edge of the Underhive.

Mick, Robin and myself did play Necromunda. The scum ganged up on my "police" wiping out my patrol and killing my little dog (pause for sympathy). He was no more than a puppy.

At the 9 O'Clock we learnt Legionary made a profit and planning had started for next years event.

Next week we have:

A Franco-Prussian war game in 28mm run by Mick. Andy B, Brett, Rob and myself will be trying to sort our Chassepot from our Dreyse.

A Modern/WW2 game to Skytrex/Tabletop rules run by Bookmarc (someone must tell the boy that WW2 is over). Players are Robin, Tony and Tom. Yep, I said Robin.

So this means people, that anyone else attending needs to bring/organise a game for themselves. You were warned. I shall make you play Epic with Bradley if you don't !

This weeks quote:

He's dead. I'm crippled. You're lost. Do you suppose it's always like that ? I mean war.


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