Thursday, July 29, 2010

Games for 04/08/10

Right then.

By the time I realised I had to do the scribbling this week, the camera's battery had died so the only photos are of my game. Tough. Above you can see Bradley rolling a cigarette while the British advance across Mars. Below he's gone to smoke it while the British decide this Mars lark is all a bit silly and retreat.

Elsewhere Rob was holding his own in Afghanistan and Brett's game was a load of Krupp.

Next week - JDE, Bradley, Tom, Jamie and Bookmark will return to Mars. Brett will take Andys B and G, Tony and Vince to Mexico, and Mick can ask everyone else why they are not entertained.

And now your quote. I've really enjoyed all the historical film quotes, no really I have. So here's one. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to exit the donut."


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Games for 28/07/10

This week saw Mick's marines being too much for Robin's Imperial Guard. Robin was heard to blame the loss on his specs steaming up !

Elsewhere Tom and I played "chase me" in a LOTR game run by James. Unfortunately my Hobbits little legs let them down, although Tom nearly died of shame as he lost several combats to a lone Hobbit. Pole dancing stopped play, so James took over picking on the little guys.

In the AWI game a good time was had by all, not least Brett who was still grinning at the sight of the passing helicopters when I left.


Rob will be ambushing Me, Bookmarc and Tom up an alley in Afghanistan.

Mick will trot out his bargain 28mm Franco-Prussian armies with Brett, Andy B and Jamie.

James wouldn't tell me what him and Bradley will be doing, although he did say it would be one of two things. He wouldn't tell me what those two things were, although he said he enjoyed both of them.

What colour Bradley's hair will be next week is anyone's guess.


Dude was volunteered to play in a Warhammer league he doesn't even know about.

Robin reported he has the club lights on order. Bookmarc to reinburse Robin when they arrive, although the invoice for infra red binoculars is to be rejected !

Last Weeks Quote:

Well done to Mick and Phil who got it right. It was "Downfall". Rumours that Brett is still hoping for a happy ending to the film cannot be substantiated.

This Weeks Quote:

Where's the Captain ?


Didn't ask you how he was. I asked you where he was.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We've Moved & Games for 21/07/10

OK, It says it on our front page, but I'll say it again. WE'VE MOVED. WE AREN'T AT THE BEACH PUB ANYMORE. IF YOU GO THERE YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN.WE ARE AT THE BATH HOUSE PUB, ESPLANADE, EXMOUTH, EX8 2AZ. OK, I'm not saying again. Knuckles will still be there wondering where everyone has gone.

This week saw us moving and no games were played (Ha, Mick). Andy kissed the landlord goodbye and we were off. Naturally we moved everything we own in the rain and the teeth of a force 8 gale. Don't you love summer ? Thanks to all those who provided the muscle and vehicles. Special mention to Robin and his BIG trailer, Bradley & Mrs Bradley with the space wagon and Tony & Tom who had taken half our kit to storage the week before.

The move went well, the new cabinet and the old one are in situ (after some debate with the cook as to where they went) and the pub seems to have what we need (beer, cheap food, huge room and a landlady who talks to you when you ask her a question). With curry and a pint for £5 on a Wednesday I can see those huge seagulls becoming a feature of many games.

All done, thanks go to Andy B for negotiating the change of venue.

Other news - James & Brett reported back on Legionary 2011. The club voted to support the show again and through the ether we learnt Rygas club had done the same, so it looks like it is on. A change of site for the show is currently being negotiated.

Games for 21/07/10

40K - Mick & Robin - Change of venue, no change of game.

AWI 10mm - Brett will lead Bradley, Rob, Andy B & Jamie (new Bruce) to a brave new world where they can kill the natives.

LOTR - Another quest for Tom's ring. This time James and myself will be after it.


We all knew it was Zulu Dawn, but Phil had to be smart about it.


Orders, sir?

I am to be shot.

What? Why?

They believe I moved my command post, away from the enemy!

Not a bad idea, General.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

14/07/10 Club Meeting

Last night saw two games.

Rob took Bradley and Mick for a stroll through the jungle in Vietnam, to Ambush Alley rules. I don't think there was much chance to admire the view.

On the other table, Tom ran an ambush scenario involving Dwarves and Orcs. After some debate as to the meaning of "Orcs" and how many points each side actually had, James and Tony were made to see the error of their ways in attacking the stunties. Balin's axe was particularly keen, taking off a Troll's head in passing. Quite how he reached I don't know.

Next week we have:


Assembly at 19-00 hours at the Beach Pub, with a view to moving, lock, stock, barrel and cupboard at 19-30 hours to the Bath House, Esplande, Exmouth, EX8 2AZ.

Mick is confident this can be accomplished in a trice and so will bring Frag or similar. I would suggest card games for any who share his cheerful optimism.


Last weeks quote came from Cockleshell Heroes.

Phil can drum himself out of the Girl Guides for not getting it right, but I'll give him a chance to redeem himself and don the uniform again, with this weeks quote.

This weeks quote:

"Oh no ! Come all this way to get shot by a bullet from Birmingham ? Shoot straight you b***ards"


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Games for 7/7/10

Last night saw James take on all comers in Warhammer Quest.
As a Quest virgin I can't say he was gentle with me, as two separate parties blundered around the dungeon searching for the fire demon (why would anyone one look for one of those ?). Now I've never been a fan of taking barbarians to social gatherings, but taking a blind one defies belief. He had to go and go he did.
Much hacking and slaying later two things became clear, being unconcious is not all bad and Elves are not much cop.
In the other party Bradley persisted in using a telescope as a weapon (not a bright boy) and Andy, Bookmarc and Robin cleaved their way to our rescue. Not sure that was the idea of the outing, but who cares ?

Next week we have:

40 K - Robin & Mick - Should Robin turn up, if not Mick is in the open game

LOTR skirmish - Run by Tom. Players Tony, James and Vince.

D & D - Bookmarc and Andy G have a "one on one"

Open game: Vietnam to "Force on Force" (Ambush Alley) - Run by Rob with Bradley et al.

AOB: Logistics and costs of new cupboard "debated". Robin has checked and 5 ft cupboard is £55. Unanimous vote to authorise purchase of 6 ft cupboard. Limit £80. Tony kindly agreed to visit Bakers yard and source this on Saturday.
If possible it will be put in situ, if not he will store it for a couple of weeks.


Last Week - Classic war film the "Dirty Dozen"

This Week:

"This is your chance. It doesn't come to all men, but it's come to you. Don't fail yourself."