Thursday, July 22, 2010

Games for 28/07/10

This week saw Mick's marines being too much for Robin's Imperial Guard. Robin was heard to blame the loss on his specs steaming up !

Elsewhere Tom and I played "chase me" in a LOTR game run by James. Unfortunately my Hobbits little legs let them down, although Tom nearly died of shame as he lost several combats to a lone Hobbit. Pole dancing stopped play, so James took over picking on the little guys.

In the AWI game a good time was had by all, not least Brett who was still grinning at the sight of the passing helicopters when I left.


Rob will be ambushing Me, Bookmarc and Tom up an alley in Afghanistan.

Mick will trot out his bargain 28mm Franco-Prussian armies with Brett, Andy B and Jamie.

James wouldn't tell me what him and Bradley will be doing, although he did say it would be one of two things. He wouldn't tell me what those two things were, although he said he enjoyed both of them.

What colour Bradley's hair will be next week is anyone's guess.


Dude was volunteered to play in a Warhammer league he doesn't even know about.

Robin reported he has the club lights on order. Bookmarc to reinburse Robin when they arrive, although the invoice for infra red binoculars is to be rejected !

Last Weeks Quote:

Well done to Mick and Phil who got it right. It was "Downfall". Rumours that Brett is still hoping for a happy ending to the film cannot be substantiated.

This Weeks Quote:

Where's the Captain ?


Didn't ask you how he was. I asked you where he was.

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