Thursday, July 01, 2010

Games for 7/7/10

Last night saw James take on all comers in Warhammer Quest.
As a Quest virgin I can't say he was gentle with me, as two separate parties blundered around the dungeon searching for the fire demon (why would anyone one look for one of those ?). Now I've never been a fan of taking barbarians to social gatherings, but taking a blind one defies belief. He had to go and go he did.
Much hacking and slaying later two things became clear, being unconcious is not all bad and Elves are not much cop.
In the other party Bradley persisted in using a telescope as a weapon (not a bright boy) and Andy, Bookmarc and Robin cleaved their way to our rescue. Not sure that was the idea of the outing, but who cares ?

Next week we have:

40 K - Robin & Mick - Should Robin turn up, if not Mick is in the open game

LOTR skirmish - Run by Tom. Players Tony, James and Vince.

D & D - Bookmarc and Andy G have a "one on one"

Open game: Vietnam to "Force on Force" (Ambush Alley) - Run by Rob with Bradley et al.

AOB: Logistics and costs of new cupboard "debated". Robin has checked and 5 ft cupboard is £55. Unanimous vote to authorise purchase of 6 ft cupboard. Limit £80. Tony kindly agreed to visit Bakers yard and source this on Saturday.
If possible it will be put in situ, if not he will store it for a couple of weeks.


Last Week - Classic war film the "Dirty Dozen"

This Week:

"This is your chance. It doesn't come to all men, but it's come to you. Don't fail yourself."


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