Thursday, July 15, 2010

We've Moved & Games for 21/07/10

OK, It says it on our front page, but I'll say it again. WE'VE MOVED. WE AREN'T AT THE BEACH PUB ANYMORE. IF YOU GO THERE YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN.WE ARE AT THE BATH HOUSE PUB, ESPLANADE, EXMOUTH, EX8 2AZ. OK, I'm not saying again. Knuckles will still be there wondering where everyone has gone.

This week saw us moving and no games were played (Ha, Mick). Andy kissed the landlord goodbye and we were off. Naturally we moved everything we own in the rain and the teeth of a force 8 gale. Don't you love summer ? Thanks to all those who provided the muscle and vehicles. Special mention to Robin and his BIG trailer, Bradley & Mrs Bradley with the space wagon and Tony & Tom who had taken half our kit to storage the week before.

The move went well, the new cabinet and the old one are in situ (after some debate with the cook as to where they went) and the pub seems to have what we need (beer, cheap food, huge room and a landlady who talks to you when you ask her a question). With curry and a pint for £5 on a Wednesday I can see those huge seagulls becoming a feature of many games.

All done, thanks go to Andy B for negotiating the change of venue.

Other news - James & Brett reported back on Legionary 2011. The club voted to support the show again and through the ether we learnt Rygas club had done the same, so it looks like it is on. A change of site for the show is currently being negotiated.

Games for 21/07/10

40K - Mick & Robin - Change of venue, no change of game.

AWI 10mm - Brett will lead Bradley, Rob, Andy B & Jamie (new Bruce) to a brave new world where they can kill the natives.

LOTR - Another quest for Tom's ring. This time James and myself will be after it.


We all knew it was Zulu Dawn, but Phil had to be smart about it.


Orders, sir?

I am to be shot.

What? Why?

They believe I moved my command post, away from the enemy!

Not a bad idea, General.


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