Thursday, August 26, 2010

Games for 01/09/10

I'm back ! Thanks to Mick for stepping into the skirt last week. I'm sure he's taken the hem up.

Last night saw another big turnout with four games and 17 (?) members and old members present.

In the Napoleonic game the French were victorious over the the Prussians. Brett told me it was due to his inspired leadership.

In the land of BBC kids entertainment, Mick had trotted out his toys to pit Unit, Torchwood, Time War Daleks, "Eye" Daleks and those guys with the rhino heads against each other. I forget what happened, but I'm sure it wasn't my fault.

The sound of Hammerin' Iron led me to the sight of USS Monitor taking on CSS Virginia. When asked what had happened James launched into a monologue about love, endevour, heroism, fate, lost opportunities, tradegy and regret. I haven't got time for all that. Suffice to say James lost.

In the Warhammer League game things were finely balanced between the dark pointy eared types and the Empire when I left. I say that, but Robin told me he was about to win.

Next week we have:

James and Bradley playing Chicken Pox. Well. it must be better than Hordes.

As it will be the anniversary of a well known act of naked aggression, Brett, Andy B, Mick, Tom, Duncan and Robin (are you sure ?) will be examining the merits of Fall Weiss in 15mm to FOW (note to self: bring lots of toys). I'm guessing I can predict who won't be on the side of the free world.

Mr Bookmarc will be leading Tony, Rob, Jamie, Trainset and Andy G to their doom in D & D. And he looks such a nice boy.


Mick reported that Gamezone will give a "club" discount of 15% on GW stuff (back to last years prices then !), if we can organise a £100 + order. Thinking caps on then boys.

Mick asked to have a shelf to store the terrain he keeps in the cupboard, as it was getting damaged. That terrain to be available for use by club members (OK, not Knuckles, but that goes without saying). This was agreed (despite the treasurer's suggestion of "rent"), as we like using Mick's stuff when he's not there.

Brett asked the club to think about any terrain required before Colours and to have a list by 7th September.

Duncan said he would run a game of Supremacy the week after next. Everyone else said "What the hells "Supremacy" ?"and "Who the hell are you ?" Apparently it is "Risk" with resources and Duncan is an returning member. Welcome back Duncan and stay away from the "Dark Side" (James and Bradley chiefly).

Jamie asked for and got volunteers to play Alternity at some point soon. He said it would be in the near future, set now. If anyone knows what this means tell me.

Last Weeks Quote:

Mick is very old, as is the film "Cross of Iron".

This weeks quote:

"There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, the enemies of the state tend to become the people."

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