Thursday, August 05, 2010

Games for 11/08/10

Last night saw three games and a big turn out of 16 club members.

In the Mexican American game the "forces of the free world" were doing well and then it all went belly up with the Andy B producing two natural 1's. Now I think natural ones are preferrable to plastic ones, but there is a time and a place. Sad to say the Mexicans lost. No water for us then.

Back on Mars, an empire was being carved out by the steam powered British. Suffice to say Bradley lost.

In the arena the gladiators fought it out under Mick's watchful eye.It was a game of skill, tactics, guile and cunning, where only the most intelligent player could triumph. I understand Knuckles was the victor. Errr Mick, see me.

At the 9 O'Clock Bookmarc agreed to source 3 keys for the old cupboard and 5 for the new, after problems accessing the new cupboard. As half the club tapes seem to have run off to join the circus Bradley was commissioned to send a pensioner to B & Q to get 6 more.

Next week we have:

Frag - Run by Mick with Vince, Dude and Connor. I'm sure we will be.

ACW in 20mm - Brett will be marshalling Tony, Andy B and Andy G.

Hordes - James and Bradley together again. This time they are letting Bookmarc and Jamie play too.

Last Weeks Quote:

Last weeks quote, provided by James, who kindly stepped into my secretarial shoes, was from Iron Man 2.

This Weeks Quote:

"Ahh, worth waiting for."

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