Thursday, September 23, 2010

Games for 29th September 2010

A fair turnout last night saw 4 games being played.

In the Warhammer league Bradley's little rats trounced Dude's Chaos army.

Brett got that "chippy choppy" feeling in the French Indian war game.

Mick beat James twice, once with each army, just to prove James was pants. Better still he got him to agree to a re-match using Memoir '44. Same game mate, just different models. Same result ?

In the Wings of War game a couple of novice pilots (Andy G & Jamie) took to the skies with a experienced leader on each side (Bookmarc and Rob). Despite the repeated "rat-a-tat-a-tat" of the spandaus on Bookmarc's Fokker DR1 (not the toughest plane, but hideously manoeuverable and expertly piloted) the remains of Rob's plane (no rudder, damaged engine, shed loads of bullet holes) managed to successfully hit the balloon with a flight of rockets and the balloon promptly exploded ! Andy G was clearly on his way to becoming an Ace. As to Jamie, well I think Mr Kempf will be having words !

Now a new feature, the "Knuckle's" Award.This week it goes to Jamie for this little gem:

Jamie:"I need another altitude peg"

Umpire: "You're at 5 pegs. It's easier if everyone takes one off instead."

Umpire: "Not you Jamie."

Next week we have:

Trainset and James will be playing "Sky Galleons of Mars". What ?

Bradley will, to quote him, be "doing Robin", presumably followed by a cigarette and a Warhammer League game.

Mick will run a Dr Who open game with Dude and Jamie and Andy B, Mike and Duncan if they are there.

Rob will take Bookmarc, Brett and me back to the War of the Grand Alliance to "Volley & Bayonet".

AOB - Agreed Mick to run his Dr Who game at Bristol on Sunday 28th November.

Warhammer league games need to be played regularly to be finished by Christmas (slapped legs secretary).

Bradley kindly agreed to lend me his Ogre army, as my Orc's take an age to set up !

Last Weeks Quote:

Von Ryan's Express, which Mick got. I think everyone else knew but were too embarassed to admit watching it.

This Weeks Quote:

"Ah, Beethoven. He is a good German."

"Yes.He's dead."


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good turnout this week.

In the warhammer league Andy G's bad Pixies beat Andy G's Stunties.

On the 7 Years war table the Austrians resisted the Prussian advances. That's Mike black balled then.

Lord only knows what happened in Mick's pirate game. All I can tell you is that Mick was saying "Yaarr" a lot and Robin was wearing a girly hat. Come to think of it I think he usually wears that.

Next week we have:

French Indian War - Brett & Trainset

Warhammer League - Bradley's Rats v Dude's Good Pixies

Wings of War - Bookmarc, Rob, Jamie and Duncan attempt to fly around a **** off great balloon. Go careful now, that was kind of pricey !

Mick & James attempt to locate Fanny by Gaslight. Happy hunting boys.

AOB - Bookmarc reported that trees and scenery had been purchased for the club at Colours. It was no surprise that Bookmarc negotiated a discount. He will get a discount from the ferryman on the river Styx.
"Two coins ? I'm only going one way. I'll give you one coin."

Last Weeks Quote:

A trap set for Mick. It sounded like it was from "The Eagle Has Landed", but was actually from the film it was based on "Went the Day Well". Well done Mick for spotting it.

This Weeks Quote:

Now we got us a bird Colonel.
A bird Colonel out ranks a bird brain, clear ?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Games for 15th September

Fair turnout last night, with 3 games running.

On the Supremacy table the Africans set sail and took over the world. Well done Bookmarc. The Europeans under Rob just managed to crash the stock market.

On the AWI table the Brits won through and the revolution was crushed. Huzzah !

Meanwhile in the Star Wars universe Robin narrowly avoided eating the salad in his burger. The shock meant his rebels got spanked by Obi Wan and co., the Imperium did their best to restore order, the scum behaved appropriately and James took his bison for a walk.

Next week we have:

Andy G's Bad Pixies v Andy B's Vertically Challenged Hirsute Types in the Warhammer league. Sounds incestous to me.

Mick celebrates "speak like a pirate" day with a game of pirates. Who'd have thought ? Jamie, Robin, Duncan, Bookmarc, Trainset, James and Bradley all say Yarrr !

Rob & Vince play some horse and musket thing. No one will say "Yarr !".


James announced he didn't do as badly as usual in the HOTT competition. Well done, I think.

The club agreed to let Brett and Bookmarc loose at Colours with £150 of the clubs money. The rider is they have to spend it on trees and roads for the club and they DON'T HAVE to spend it all. Recipts for the bar will not be accepted.

Last Weeks Quote:

Southern Comfort of course.

This Weeks Quote:

"Obey my orders and you will not be harmed. Any person who attempts to escape or communicate with the outside world will be shot.
Is that clear ?"

Hands up all those who think it is a line from Mick's pirates game ?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Games for 8th September

Another big turnout last night, but just two games running.

Half the club delved into the inner workings of the part of Bookmarc's mind that stores "fantasies". I've no idea what was in there, but Andy G was heard muttering about what to do "when we are dead". Well, decay slowly springs to mind mate.

Back in the real world the club nazis invaded Poland (had to be done on September 1st). Mick showed his true colours and joined Andy B in attempt to crush the white eagle state defended by Brett, Duncan and James (yes, I was surprised too. I had James down as a German). Robin failed to show, after he found out that the Poles didn't have any multi meltas.

Suffice to say the German progress across the board looked assured until armoured train Smialy turned up and spanked the leading panzer platoon. There followed some of the best die rolling of the game as stukas and artillery strikes hit the train, followed by dreadful saving throws from Duncan for the assault platoon aboard the train (roll 6 die, 5+ to save, no saves rolled). Net result one wrecked train, one dead assault platoon.

The final throw of the dice was Brett attempting a mounted charge with lancers on the recce bike platoon. (No, 20th century Brett). It was a brave attempt and the boys were up for it but 15 dice of mg fire hitting on 4's hurts.

Next week we have:

Supremacy (open game) run by Duncan with Andy G, Bookmarc and Rob.

Star Wars by Mick with James, Vince, Robin and Jamie

Mexican American with Brett and Trainset.

Last Weeks Quote:

A toughie and only Mick was sad enough to claim the prize of an evening for two in a local restaurant. I hope he enjoys his night in the Bath House with Robin. The answer was of course Battle Star Galactica (remake).

This Weeks Quote:

Why are we following this dumb b*st*rd ?
Because he's got stripes.