Thursday, September 09, 2010

Games for 15th September

Fair turnout last night, with 3 games running.

On the Supremacy table the Africans set sail and took over the world. Well done Bookmarc. The Europeans under Rob just managed to crash the stock market.

On the AWI table the Brits won through and the revolution was crushed. Huzzah !

Meanwhile in the Star Wars universe Robin narrowly avoided eating the salad in his burger. The shock meant his rebels got spanked by Obi Wan and co., the Imperium did their best to restore order, the scum behaved appropriately and James took his bison for a walk.

Next week we have:

Andy G's Bad Pixies v Andy B's Vertically Challenged Hirsute Types in the Warhammer league. Sounds incestous to me.

Mick celebrates "speak like a pirate" day with a game of pirates. Who'd have thought ? Jamie, Robin, Duncan, Bookmarc, Trainset, James and Bradley all say Yarrr !

Rob & Vince play some horse and musket thing. No one will say "Yarr !".


James announced he didn't do as badly as usual in the HOTT competition. Well done, I think.

The club agreed to let Brett and Bookmarc loose at Colours with £150 of the clubs money. The rider is they have to spend it on trees and roads for the club and they DON'T HAVE to spend it all. Recipts for the bar will not be accepted.

Last Weeks Quote:

Southern Comfort of course.

This Weeks Quote:

"Obey my orders and you will not be harmed. Any person who attempts to escape or communicate with the outside world will be shot.
Is that clear ?"

Hands up all those who think it is a line from Mick's pirates game ?

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