Thursday, September 23, 2010

Games for 29th September 2010

A fair turnout last night saw 4 games being played.

In the Warhammer league Bradley's little rats trounced Dude's Chaos army.

Brett got that "chippy choppy" feeling in the French Indian war game.

Mick beat James twice, once with each army, just to prove James was pants. Better still he got him to agree to a re-match using Memoir '44. Same game mate, just different models. Same result ?

In the Wings of War game a couple of novice pilots (Andy G & Jamie) took to the skies with a experienced leader on each side (Bookmarc and Rob). Despite the repeated "rat-a-tat-a-tat" of the spandaus on Bookmarc's Fokker DR1 (not the toughest plane, but hideously manoeuverable and expertly piloted) the remains of Rob's plane (no rudder, damaged engine, shed loads of bullet holes) managed to successfully hit the balloon with a flight of rockets and the balloon promptly exploded ! Andy G was clearly on his way to becoming an Ace. As to Jamie, well I think Mr Kempf will be having words !

Now a new feature, the "Knuckle's" Award.This week it goes to Jamie for this little gem:

Jamie:"I need another altitude peg"

Umpire: "You're at 5 pegs. It's easier if everyone takes one off instead."

Umpire: "Not you Jamie."

Next week we have:

Trainset and James will be playing "Sky Galleons of Mars". What ?

Bradley will, to quote him, be "doing Robin", presumably followed by a cigarette and a Warhammer League game.

Mick will run a Dr Who open game with Dude and Jamie and Andy B, Mike and Duncan if they are there.

Rob will take Bookmarc, Brett and me back to the War of the Grand Alliance to "Volley & Bayonet".

AOB - Agreed Mick to run his Dr Who game at Bristol on Sunday 28th November.

Warhammer league games need to be played regularly to be finished by Christmas (slapped legs secretary).

Bradley kindly agreed to lend me his Ogre army, as my Orc's take an age to set up !

Last Weeks Quote:

Von Ryan's Express, which Mick got. I think everyone else knew but were too embarassed to admit watching it.

This Weeks Quote:

"Ah, Beethoven. He is a good German."

"Yes.He's dead."


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