Thursday, September 02, 2010

Games for 8th September

Another big turnout last night, but just two games running.

Half the club delved into the inner workings of the part of Bookmarc's mind that stores "fantasies". I've no idea what was in there, but Andy G was heard muttering about what to do "when we are dead". Well, decay slowly springs to mind mate.

Back in the real world the club nazis invaded Poland (had to be done on September 1st). Mick showed his true colours and joined Andy B in attempt to crush the white eagle state defended by Brett, Duncan and James (yes, I was surprised too. I had James down as a German). Robin failed to show, after he found out that the Poles didn't have any multi meltas.

Suffice to say the German progress across the board looked assured until armoured train Smialy turned up and spanked the leading panzer platoon. There followed some of the best die rolling of the game as stukas and artillery strikes hit the train, followed by dreadful saving throws from Duncan for the assault platoon aboard the train (roll 6 die, 5+ to save, no saves rolled). Net result one wrecked train, one dead assault platoon.

The final throw of the dice was Brett attempting a mounted charge with lancers on the recce bike platoon. (No, 20th century Brett). It was a brave attempt and the boys were up for it but 15 dice of mg fire hitting on 4's hurts.

Next week we have:

Supremacy (open game) run by Duncan with Andy G, Bookmarc and Rob.

Star Wars by Mick with James, Vince, Robin and Jamie

Mexican American with Brett and Trainset.

Last Weeks Quote:

A toughie and only Mick was sad enough to claim the prize of an evening for two in a local restaurant. I hope he enjoys his night in the Bath House with Robin. The answer was of course Battle Star Galactica (remake).

This Weeks Quote:

Why are we following this dumb b*st*rd ?
Because he's got stripes.


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