Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good turnout this week.

In the warhammer league Andy G's bad Pixies beat Andy G's Stunties.

On the 7 Years war table the Austrians resisted the Prussian advances. That's Mike black balled then.

Lord only knows what happened in Mick's pirate game. All I can tell you is that Mick was saying "Yaarr" a lot and Robin was wearing a girly hat. Come to think of it I think he usually wears that.

Next week we have:

French Indian War - Brett & Trainset

Warhammer League - Bradley's Rats v Dude's Good Pixies

Wings of War - Bookmarc, Rob, Jamie and Duncan attempt to fly around a **** off great balloon. Go careful now, that was kind of pricey !

Mick & James attempt to locate Fanny by Gaslight. Happy hunting boys.

AOB - Bookmarc reported that trees and scenery had been purchased for the club at Colours. It was no surprise that Bookmarc negotiated a discount. He will get a discount from the ferryman on the river Styx.
"Two coins ? I'm only going one way. I'll give you one coin."

Last Weeks Quote:

A trap set for Mick. It sounded like it was from "The Eagle Has Landed", but was actually from the film it was based on "Went the Day Well". Well done Mick for spotting it.

This Weeks Quote:

Now we got us a bird Colonel.
A bird Colonel out ranks a bird brain, clear ?

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