Friday, October 01, 2010

Games for 06/10/10

This week saw an 18th century "what if" the Imperialists had lost the siege of Vienna. Ottomans under Sultan Bookmarc met Imperialists under Brett and Beef. Beef used an interesting tactic to lure the enemy into following him, described as "showing his a**e as he ran away". It must have worked as Bookmarc wore himself out and lost the game.

In "Sky Galleons of Mars", James lost. Again. Must have been the dice. Again.

In the Warhammer practice game, Bradley's Skaven took on the Ogres Bradley is lending me. Interesting game. I could get to like Ogres.

Next week we have:

Bradley's Rats v Bookmarc's Rats in the league. Warfarin all round then.

Panzerblitz - Mick takes me back to the 70's. I'm not wearing flares. Again.

Martian Empires - James, Brett, Trainset and Rob check out the canals.

Dr Who - Given Andy B missed out we thought we'd give him another chance to play Knuckles.

Anyone else coming needs to bring a game.

AOB - Mick announced he would not be running his Runequest campaign for the forseeable future

Rob asked for expressions of interest in a 4th Edition D & D game. So any interest ?

Last Weeks Quote:

It was from the "Wooden Horse". Nothing to do with "Troy", honest.

This Weeks Quote:

"Move this stuff now ! Clear the map ! I can't navigate on bananas."


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