Monday, October 11, 2010

Games for 13th October 2010

This week saw Bradley beat Bookmarc in the league. He must have warfarin resistant rats.

The Martian game was abandoned as the players missed James.

Kursk ended in a bloody draw.

Next Week we have:

Bradley trying to spank Robin in the league.

James showing Brett, Trainset and Rob how to do it on Mars.

Boommarc takes Mick, Tony and Jamie back to the 80's for a bit of Car Wars. I don't think Mick ever left the 80's.

In a change of plan Andy B tells me I am invading the Soviet Union. I voz only following orders....

AOB - None I guess.

Last Weeks Quote:

"Das Boot" was too easy for Mick.

This Weeks Quote:

"An interesting document, somewhat damaged by fire, lies on my study table. It is a copy, in cipher, of a memorandum to the German government."


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