Thursday, October 14, 2010

Games for 20th October 2010

This week saw James showing everyone how to do it on Mars. As far as I can see that involved rolling low numbers on 2D6.

In Car Wars, all the combatants raced around the streets shooting and ramming other cars. Much like the Esplanade on a Saturday night really.

Bradley spanked Robin in the League. Robin blamed the dice, his army, the terrain and his parents. Naturally it was not his fault in any way.

In the east Stukas dived on the Soviet tanks, as they rushed to meet the panzers. Sadly lack of time stopped play just as it was getting interesting. Still, Andy's landships got an outing and so did my freshly painted (nearly wet !) Stug's.

The "Knuckles of the Week" quote comes, appropriately, from Knuckles. When asked by Rob if he knew his port from his starboard Knuckles replied:

"I'll read up on the Royal Navy."

Don't see how that will help, but well done anyway.


The pub announced they were trying "Winter Opening Hours". Allegedly this means closing at 10-00, although Mick later reported the pub was still allowing drinking up past that time. As an immediate response it was agreed to move the 9 O'Clock to closing time, either outside or in another pub. That way we should still be able to get in a good range of games.

Next Week We Have:

James takes on Andy G in the Warhammer League.

Jamie runs "Magic Draft" with Bookmarc and Bradley. Some silly card game apparently.

Rob will run a Napoleonic Naval game for Me, Tony and Knuckles. That should prove challenging.

Brett and Trainset will be doing something small and historical. What ? Sending children up chimneys ?

Last Weeks Quote:

The film based on the world's first spy novel "The Riddle of the Sands".

This Weeks Quote:

"Then I'm fit Sir ?"


"Where are you sending me, a stud farm ?"


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