Thursday, October 28, 2010

Games for 3rd November 2010

Last night saw 4 games and a hat full of players.

In "Incursion" Andy's remaining Yank made it to the exit, after the Zombies forgot where the door was. They must be brain dead ! It was rumoured Andy was seen using unpainted figures, but I couldn't possibly confirm that.

On the 19th century table, in a move that surprised no one, Brett took the French from behind at the first opportunity.

Rob went all biblical on us and ran Mycenaeans v Egyptians. Despite looting the baggage, the collapse of the Egyptian centre gave the day to the boys with the long poles.

In the league it looks like a good year for the rats, as Bookmarc chucked Robin out of the "Adult" section of the library. Not the first time I would guess.

AOB - Well, not much to say. There wasn't any.

Next week we have:

Robin, Mick and Connor ? racing Squigs. Connor looks to be the only one fit enough to give them a run for their money.

Bradley and Jamie with the possible addition of James will be playing, spit, Magic.

Brett and Trainset will be "doing something". That worries me.

In honour of "Colditz" being back on T.V I will run the "Escape from Colditz" board game (not the rubbish Invicta one. the one with the BIG swastika on the box !). The war will be over for Rob, Bookmarc, possibly Andy G and any "casuals attendees" unless they can get enough rope.

Last Weeks Quote:

A film with only 1 gun in it and that one not even loaded ? Shame on you Brett.

"Shaun of the Dead" to those who missed it.

This Weeks Quote:

"Do you have any idea how ****ing busy I am ?"


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