Friday, November 26, 2010

Games for 1st December 2010

This week saw Mick guiding (?) the runners and riders around the Squig race course, in preperation for Bristol show this Sunday.

Mike, Brett, Trainset and Rob fought it out in the shadows of the pyramids. Last I saw the French looked to have the edge.

In the league Andy B's Dwarves were positively beastley to James.

In WOW Bookmarc and I took it in turns to shoot at a ruddy great balloon. It's more fun than it sounds. Honest !

Next week we have:

D & D - Andy G, Bookmarc, Trainset, Brett, James and Robin ?

Epic - Bradley tries to impress Greg with his 6 millimetres.

Ancients - Rome v Carthage - Rob, Vince, Roddy and Mick (are you sure ?)


Mick confirmed that the club will be running Squig Racing at Bristol show. Attendees and lifts all arranged.

Andy B wants to run a big FOW Barbarossa game on the 22nd December. Any takers ?

Last Weeks Quote:

Merrill's Marauders of course. You knew it, you just didn't want to boast.

This Weeks Quote from Hitler's favourite film:

"I suppose if it were your son you'd sit here too, like a dummy."

"No, I'd should probably have ordered the regiment out. But that's because I'm not the man the Colonel is. Nor the soldier."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Games for 24th November 2010

Last night saw me and James play a league game ! That we hadn't played in a while soon became evident, together with the fact that neither of us knew our armies. We muddled by in a good humoured fashion, taking the errors in good part (never make competition players). In the end the Ogres struggled through to a win.

In Necromunda Jamie took a beating and Robin was a big girl.

On the historical table some of the oldest figures still in existance (on e-bay they would say "Classic OOP") recreated the French invading Egypt. I don't know what happened, all I can say is Brett insisted on adopting a funny voice.

Meanwhile Bradley and Bookmarc engaged in a practice that was illegal when I was a lad.


The landlord asked for some pictures of games to be put on Exmouth's Facebook. I looked blank, but James clearly understood what he meant.

Mick confirmed that the Bristol participation "Squig Race" was to go ahead. Attendees: Mick, Vince, Bradley ?, James, Andy B ? (as a non participant !)

Next week we have:

Squig Racing: Mick, Robin ?, Bradley, Jamie, Roddy

Warhammer League: Andy B v James

French in Egypt: Mike, Brett, Trainset, Rob

Wing of War: Kempf v Ball, sorry Bookmarc v Vince

Last weeks quote:

"Guns at Batasi" - "THAT MAN !"

This weeks quote:

"How many times I have to tell you ? Tuck in your shirt."

"Why does my shirt bother you Sergeant ?"

"You look sloppy."

"Nobody said I looked sloppy in Batan."

"You ain't in Batan."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Games for 17th November 2010

This week saw 2 games, both fantasy.

In Pathfinder there was a "prep" session and Brett failed his Latin vocab.

Mick ran his new show participation game. Aimed at 8 year olds, Rob, Bradley, Tony and myself had trouble getting the hang of it ! Rob spent all game learning how to jump a hedge. At 9-30 he managed it.

AOB - Mike will runs a South American war of Liberation game. Brett, Rob and Trainset will compete to be Simon for the night.

James and I will "duke it out" in the league. I will be taking Ogres and James Beastmen. I expect it will be a subtle encounter.

Mick, Robin and Roddy will be playing Necromunda. I noticed they only decided that AFTER I had got a game.

Bradley said he will "take on all comers". I guess he was referring to the Epic game he will run for Bookmarc and Tony. My money is on two turns.

Next week James is due to play Andy B in the league if Andy fancies it. Say if not.


We met the new landlord and a pleasant chap he seems to be. He will open the upstairs loos in the next couple of weeks and is keen to keep us happy and accomodate us. I suggest we try to do likewise.

Last Weeks Quote:

Phil's favourite, "The Four Feathers"

This Weeks Quote:

"You execute a salute in the following manner. Raise the right hand by the longest route until the second finger rests one inch above the right eye. At the same time turn the head and your eyes in the direction of the officer. When one pace past the officer, return the eyes to the front and your hand to the right side by the sortest route. Is that CLEAR ?"

"Yes Sir."

"Right. Lets see you do it then lad. Come along, come along.Saluting by numbers. ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO."

If anyone doesn't like this film, then they are, well, wrong.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Games for 2010 to date

Right then,

This is proabably not entirely accurate as I missed the start of the year and the odd day since - however, this is the list to date.

Fringe 13 (includes some board games, squig racing, Incursion, etc. It doesn't include M:TG)
WFB 10
WH 40K 9
Impetus 6
Napoleonic 5
7 years war 3
Hordes 3
Martian Empires 3
Ambush Alley 2
Mexican American War 2
Necromunda 2
Very British Civil War 2
Warmaster Fantasy 2
Wings of War 2
WW2 1
Flames of War 1
Hammerin Iron 1
Naval 1
Star Wars 1

Games for 10th November 2010

Last night there were 3 games.

Brett ran a 18th century 10mm bash and the Brits were looking good last I saw.

Mick put on "Squig Race" for the younger members and Robin. I'm not sure anyone knows what happened there, but all seemed to have a good time.

To celebrate the return of the T.V series I ran "Escape from Colditz". Rob and Bradley were detained (not the first time I would say) and I ran the guards. Some inventive stooging and diversions led to one of my men spending half the game locked in the toilet and Bradley being sent to solitary. Eventually the British and French double teamed one of my landsers, produced enough rope to rig H.M.S Victory and were away and free.
There then followed one of the most blatant pieces of gamesmanship I have ever seen. Rob flashed a "bribe" at one of the sentries and my man duly turned his back as a Brit ran off into the woods. Bradley then grassed up the fact that the card used was incorrect. Much consulting of the rules revealed that cheating was punishable by arrest and solitary for the prisoner in question. Unfortunately arrest is only possible in the castle or grounds and he was away and free ! In a fit of peak I arrested Bradley for being French and sent him to solitary instead.

A fourth game occupied all members. The rules were simple; defeat the Biblical plague of flies. Personally I think they were just late for Rob's Egyptian game last week. Luckily we found that the flies liked Brett !

Games for Next Week:

Pathfinder D & D:

Andy G, Brett, James, Trainset, Robin and Bookmarc

Squig Racing:

Mick, Rob, Vince, Bradley ? and Jamie

Magic (Spit):

Bradley ? if takers

I am sure Mick can saddle another Squig if required or if you don't like what you see bring something else.

AOB: Some discussion over Mick running Squig Racing at Bristol. If there was anything else I missed it whilst fighting off the flies !

Last Weeks Quote:

No takers, but it was "Team America: World Police"

This Weeks Quote:

"You laugh like an Englishman !"