Thursday, November 11, 2010

Games for 17th November 2010

This week saw 2 games, both fantasy.

In Pathfinder there was a "prep" session and Brett failed his Latin vocab.

Mick ran his new show participation game. Aimed at 8 year olds, Rob, Bradley, Tony and myself had trouble getting the hang of it ! Rob spent all game learning how to jump a hedge. At 9-30 he managed it.

AOB - Mike will runs a South American war of Liberation game. Brett, Rob and Trainset will compete to be Simon for the night.

James and I will "duke it out" in the league. I will be taking Ogres and James Beastmen. I expect it will be a subtle encounter.

Mick, Robin and Roddy will be playing Necromunda. I noticed they only decided that AFTER I had got a game.

Bradley said he will "take on all comers". I guess he was referring to the Epic game he will run for Bookmarc and Tony. My money is on two turns.

Next week James is due to play Andy B in the league if Andy fancies it. Say if not.


We met the new landlord and a pleasant chap he seems to be. He will open the upstairs loos in the next couple of weeks and is keen to keep us happy and accomodate us. I suggest we try to do likewise.

Last Weeks Quote:

Phil's favourite, "The Four Feathers"

This Weeks Quote:

"You execute a salute in the following manner. Raise the right hand by the longest route until the second finger rests one inch above the right eye. At the same time turn the head and your eyes in the direction of the officer. When one pace past the officer, return the eyes to the front and your hand to the right side by the sortest route. Is that CLEAR ?"

"Yes Sir."

"Right. Lets see you do it then lad. Come along, come along.Saluting by numbers. ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO."

If anyone doesn't like this film, then they are, well, wrong.


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