Thursday, November 18, 2010

Games for 24th November 2010

Last night saw me and James play a league game ! That we hadn't played in a while soon became evident, together with the fact that neither of us knew our armies. We muddled by in a good humoured fashion, taking the errors in good part (never make competition players). In the end the Ogres struggled through to a win.

In Necromunda Jamie took a beating and Robin was a big girl.

On the historical table some of the oldest figures still in existance (on e-bay they would say "Classic OOP") recreated the French invading Egypt. I don't know what happened, all I can say is Brett insisted on adopting a funny voice.

Meanwhile Bradley and Bookmarc engaged in a practice that was illegal when I was a lad.


The landlord asked for some pictures of games to be put on Exmouth's Facebook. I looked blank, but James clearly understood what he meant.

Mick confirmed that the Bristol participation "Squig Race" was to go ahead. Attendees: Mick, Vince, Bradley ?, James, Andy B ? (as a non participant !)

Next week we have:

Squig Racing: Mick, Robin ?, Bradley, Jamie, Roddy

Warhammer League: Andy B v James

French in Egypt: Mike, Brett, Trainset, Rob

Wing of War: Kempf v Ball, sorry Bookmarc v Vince

Last weeks quote:

"Guns at Batasi" - "THAT MAN !"

This weeks quote:

"How many times I have to tell you ? Tuck in your shirt."

"Why does my shirt bother you Sergeant ?"

"You look sloppy."

"Nobody said I looked sloppy in Batan."

"You ain't in Batan."

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