Thursday, December 23, 2010

Games for 29th December 2010

The winter weather led to concerns about how many people would make the meeting and how long those that got there would stay, so table games replaced the scheduled running order. That said 9 members fought their way to the bar.

As it was Christmas Bookmarc, as Treasurer, found he had friends for once. All enjoyed a curry or burger + drink on the club and the landlord was smiling !

After much muttering between James and Bradley, James offered to show Bookmarc, Andy G, Tony and Knuckles some puppies he had upstairs. Once up there he opened his coat to show them what he had got. At this point Tony ran screaming to the bar, but the others were so traumatised they went along with his game and played, spit, Magic.

Luckily Sideshow, Andy B and myself had evaded James' trap and we played the much more sensible "Groo".

Next Weeks Games:

Given the weather a night of table games was agreed. Andy B is bringing "Incursion" (Zombie Nazis in Gibraltar. Why Gibraltar ?), and no doubt James will again attempt to corrupt the innocent. So if you don't fancy those, bring something else. Now don't tell me you haven't got a few table games Mick !


Next week agreed a Free Week.

Club to give staff card + £20 for Christmas (not done as no one had a card. Mick has the card ?).

Last Weeks Quote:

Well, Predator of course. Only Tom has an excuse for not having seen this film when it was released, although frankly if Tony didn't include it as part of his upbringing then shame on him !

This Weeks Quote:

"Think of death and you are no longer sure of your life. It's a Hebrew proverb."


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