Thursday, December 02, 2010

Games for 8th December 2010

Last night saw a good turn out with 3 games running.

In D & D the party fought a lobster. What sort of lives do you have to lead, to consider fighting a lobster adventurous ?

In the Ancients game, the Romans and Carthagians still had everything to play for and Mick wasn't sure about the rules (in any sense of the word !).

What can I say about Bradley's Epic game ? When I left at 10-30 p.m they were still on turn 2.

I understand Bradley may have an Epic rule book for sale. Well used, except for the section on victory conditions, which is as new. No sensible offer accepted.

Knuckles of the Week Quote:

Goes to me. When faced with the prospect of an open flank if I could just break the Celts I said:

Vince -"If I cut this lot down I can pursue into the unit next to them."

Rob -"Those are your Velites."

Bloody six mil.

Next week we have:

Napoleonics - Phil (long haired hippy type) will be marshalling Brett, Trainset, Mike and Bookmarc as part of the "Historical Gamers Fight Back" campaign. Good luck is all I can say.

40K - Mick and Robin as part of the "Hysterical Gamers Fight Forwards" campaign.

ECW - Rob, Jamie and Knuckles will be trying to maintain impetus. I don't doubt Knuckles has a book on armies.

Hordes - Bradley and James, as they know not what they do.


The club "Squig Race" was well received at the Bristol show. Bradley and Mick gave all the traders and demo games Legionary 2011 leaflets. James reports that 2 booking have been received subsequentley.

A motion to provide Onion rings for members each week, at the clubs expense, was voted down. It was worth the time just to see the Treasurer's face !

Last Week's Quote:

It was indeed "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer". I suspect the Hitler reference may have been too much of a hint.

Ritual kicking for the member who suggested "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" !

This Week's Quote:

"Where's Goring ?"

"He's on his way."

"Well, when you are fat you don't move so fast."


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