Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekly Round Up and Games for 22-12-10

As both Secretaries were away this week I've had to step in but I refuse to wear the skirt in the condition James has left it in...

This week had two games and some deviants in a dark corner playing with cards...

The Ottoman Turks pushed their way into Europe via Vienna with much loud discussion on both sides while in the 40k game the Imperial Guard faced off against... the Imperial Guard with no loud discussion (non-histerical gamers are so much more civilised...).

Next week we have:

FOW- Andy B, Vince, Rob, Bookmarc, Tony and Tom.

FIW- Brett and Trainset.

Frag- Mick, Robin, James, Bradley and possibly Jamie.

Next week will be a free week and the club will be paying for some drinks and snacks for the attendees.

The club also agreed to give the bar staff £20 in an xmas card as a thank you.

Last weeks quote was from the classic 'National Lampoons Animal House' for the uninitiated.

This weeks quote:

'I ain't got time to bleed...'

Normal service should be resumed next week (although I would get a new skirt Vince!), Mick

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