Thursday, January 06, 2011

Games for 12th January 2011

Last night saw 3 games played.

Andy G ran D & D Pathfinder, Dave put on a Nappy game to "Black Powder" and Bradley ran an epic Epic.

Next week we have:

BFG with James, Robin, Andy G, Rob(possibly) and Jamie

AWI in 10mm with Brett, Bookmarc, Trainset and Dave

Tannhauser with Mick, Bradley and Vince

AOB - Er, must have missed it if there was any.

Last Weeks quote: Well there wasn't one. No one was man enough to step into the secretary role when I was away !

The weeks before quote: Tobruk

This Weeks Quote:

"You call yourself a patriot and loyal subject to the Crown ?"

"I don't call my self subject to much at all."


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