Thursday, January 20, 2011

Games for 26th January 2011

Last night some little Prussians take on some dinkie French. By the sounds of the shouting there was plenty of elan !

Half the club appeared to be playing, spit, Magic. Trainset took the opportunity to tell the club he only had a little deck, but liked to play with it. Bless.

On the 7 Years War table the "Black Powder" rules handled a grinding draw well.

Next week we have:

40K - Robin and Mick. Will the Lego Lander be ready in time ?

Warmaster Ancients- Dave will put Rob, Bookmarc and me through our paces.

Epic- Bradley and James will attempt the impossible; the quest for turn three.

Mystery Meet- Brett will show Trainset his ancient naval. Just right for a small deck.


James asked for and got approval to use club funds for a "bridging loan" to cover Legionary advertising costs.

Andy raised Plymouth show again, but no one could think of a game to run at the moment.

Last Weeks Quote:

Heartbreak Ridge

This Weeks Quote:

"You fought your duel. That is well. Never fight another. That is better."


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