Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekly Update and Games for 2-2-11

Usual secretary away again this week (something about time of month or some such thing...) so I've had to step into the shoes, how he walks in these heels I have no idea...

Last night we had three games on the go, a Warmaster with Romans and Dacians doing what Romans and Dacians do, an Epic game that reached turn four with a minor Marine victory for James (put that with all the floods worldwide and its looking more and more like the Mayan prophecies are true, we're doomed!!!) and finally a 40k where the traitorous Imperial Guard (who finally had a legal army after almost a year!) had there backsides handed to them by Space Puppies...

Next week we have:

D&D- Andy G, Robin, James, Trainset, Brett, Bookmarc

Colonial Black Powder- Rob, Dave and Bradley with room for three more

If neither of those appeal to you, you have six days to sort out something.

This weeks quote

'You can't go that way sir, there's a bomb'


'I know, I put it there.'

Normal service should be resumed next week.


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