Wednesday, February 09, 2011

40K using FUBAR rules

So tonight was a trial of the FUBAR rules (posted somewhere on the blog according to Mick) adpated to use 40K capable troops. Imperial Guard against an onslaught of Orks, well at least that's what the Greenskins would like you to believe! Using initiative to get things on the move here is an example of how good their command rolls were tonight ...
In these rules '1' is not good. So not much happened until the the Orks decided to call for umpire assistance. Which basically went along the lines of "just move some figures anyway so we can at least get a game". The Orks dutifully obeyed and then met a hail of Guard gunfire, first the tank:Then some machine guns:

... and finally and a big pointy gun:

With the following results ... first the target, which was some sort of baked bean tin on legs and then the result, which was bascially turned into beans on toast ...

Moral of the story is not to blame the rules for bad luck with the dice - "yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but ..."

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