Thursday, February 10, 2011

Games for 16th February 2011

Last night saw 2 games.

On the, spit, "Magic", table things did not look too magic for James, as he couldn't get any land. Ruddy competitive games I say.

On the other table, 40K Imperial Guard took on 40K Orks for a very un 40K game of FUBAR. The objective was a cross roads and after much loss of life the Ork army was definitely FUBAR.

Next week we have:

Memoir 44 - Bradley, Dave and Bookmarc build sand castles.

Very British Civil War - Mick, James and Robin enter a make believe 1930's Britain. I understand Robin is slicking back his hair as we speak.

War of the Grand Alliance - Rob, Andy B and Vince test out how the "Black Powder" rules handle pointy sticks and muskets at the same time.

AOB - James reported there had been a good response regarding demonstration and participation games. Contacts about the competitions were also strong. James is about to update the Legionary website, so keep and eye out for the latest news.

Last Weeks Quote:

was from "I Was Monty's Double". I couldn't find a clean quote for "I Was Trainset's Double"

This Weeks Quote:

"Teeth aren't all that good."

"Supposed to shoot the enemy, not bite them."


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