Thursday, February 24, 2011

Games for 2nd March 2011

Last night saw Mick's army FUBAR by Jame's Black Legion. I know James hates one sided games, so it wil have given him no pleasure.

Robin played one of the most one sided WFB 8th edition games I have ever seen. Just as well James wasn't involved is all I can say.

On the Franco-Prussian table the Prussians managed to remove the nasty whining noise that was coming from the other side of the table. I still can't work out what was causing it, but it sounded a lot like it was "the dice", "not my fault", "the rules have changed" etc.

Next week we have:

Mick, Andy ?, James and Brett will be FUBAR in a 40K game clone.

Dave, Rob and Bradley will be showing what it is to be ancient to Warmaster rules.

Vince and Bookmarc take to the air like true gentlemen, in a Wings of War WW1 game. Others can play if they don't mind Bookmarc sneaking up behind them.


Leigh from (The Model shop on Albion Street, Exmouth) spoke to members about his business and the things he might be able to stock that would interest club members. It was generally felt that paints would be the best initial area to consider.

It was agreed 24 x 6mm scale trees should be sourced at Salute if possible.

Last Week's Quote:

I guess it was "Scorpion King"

This Week's Quote:

"May I smoke my pipe as well ?"

"Please, Colonel, make yourself at home."


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