Thursday, February 03, 2011

Games for 9th February 2011

Last night saw 3 games.

In a tinky winky Zulu game it went to the wire, but Bradley held the thin red line.

On the Incursion table, we found that Mick was more of a zombie than Yank. I think we already knew that.

In the D & D game, Bookmarc had a coke and Andy G had two cups of coffee. Oh, and someone shaved Trainset. No really. That's what I call role playing.


Andy B recognised he had no mates and decided to go to Plymouth show to find some.

James announced he had access to the Legionary website and would do some work on it in the next few days. Expect articles on Totnes and lentils.

Mick leapt up to tell everyone that "Dr Who Adventures" magazine (£2.50 from all good newsagents) had a free gift of 17 x 28mm plastic Daleks. Everyone told him this was "nice to hear" and eventually he calmed down.

Brett, sitting next to the formerly hirsute Trainset, led to cries of "separated at birth" and "twins".

Games for Next Week:

Shame on you Bookmarc, Bradley, Knuckles and James ? for playing, spit, Magic (again).

FEBA - Mick will run a 40K alike with Andy B, Rob and Vince.

Genetic engineering experiments continue with Brett and Trainset. Throw away the ugly ones this time boys.

Last Weeks Quote:

I didn't set it, but I guess it was "Fifth Element"

This Weeks Quote in honour of the club's new twins:

"Why don't you take a powder ?"

"I just did."


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