Thursday, March 31, 2011

First quarter games 2011

As far as my recollections/interest recalls - this is the edited, formatted, version of what we've played in the first quarter this year.

  • FPW 4

  • Pathfinder 4

  • FUBAR 3

  • Fringe 3

  • BFG 2

  • Epic 2

  • Other Colonial 2

  • Very British Civil War 2

  • Warmaster Ancients 2

  • 7 years war 1

  • GNW 1

  • Napoleonic 1

  • WH 40K 1

  • Wings of War 1
Varied bunch as ever....

Games for 6th April 2011

Three games last night: In the 10mm Sudan the Fuzzies stole the firing pin from the Maxim, but the game looking like a tentative draw last I saw. In D & D it looks like my scrawled note says Robin got beaver. Maybe that says berries. Either way D & D has changed since I last played it. On the Memoir 44 table Beef and I played an Arnhem scenario. From the forces arrayed it looked an easy task for the Germans. Having played the game twice, swapping sides, it clearly was anything but easy for the Germans, as they lost both times. Next Weeks Games: VBCW - James, Mick, Brett, Roddy, Robin and Trainset don suits and hats to fight over 1930's Britain, to Mick's amended FUBAR. I say, steady on chaps, we are British. Warhamster- Rob, Dave and Knuckles fight it out in a period TBC. WOW ? - Vince, Bradley, Andy B and any casuals probably fling themselves about like knights of the air in my new SE5a's. AOB - The Model shop on Albion Hill will stock a full range of GW paints from Monday. If you fancy anything else pay Leigh a visit, he doesn't bite. What he doesn't bite I can't say. Legionary - James reported all is well and we now have 19 participation and demo games. Just as well we are in a very big shed at the cattle market ! AGM - Andy B asked members to begin thinking of agenda items for this year. What we want to buy, who is standing for what posts, what we should change etc This Weeks Quote: "That's Vietnam music. Can't we get our own music ?"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black Powder Napoleonics: Wed 23 Mar 2011

Spanish on a hill, bravely defending against smelly Frogs and awaiting Allied help ...

Then the French decide to come and play with them. Lining up in their traditional columns with skirmishers to the front ...

But the British and Portugese wanted to join in too. That's them in the distance ...

The French beat up the Spanish ...

But then Wellington spoiled the party, as usual. A fun game set up by Rob and his willing figures and terrain. Black Powder proving to be very good set of rules, especially for friendly club nights.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Games for 30th March 2011

Three games last night:

Mick ran VBCW in 28mm. Apparently it was the English v the Scots (like that would ever happen). Last I saw, the Scots were having the better of it, with Trainset's men lying down on the job, having failed to out run a Renault FT 17 tank (shame on you) and Brett not liking the spanking he was receiving from Andy G (well don't ask him to do it next time !).

In the Black Powder game, lots of really small French tried to take out some Portugezzers and Brits. Just before I left Bookmarc's French columns were amongst the Portugezzers, as the Brits marched to the sound of the guns.

In Wings of War, my new SE5a saw off Jamie's Fokker DR1 (OK he blew up and we were both fairly beasted by then). In an evenly matched battle of the aces, Kempf met Bishop and didn't live to regret it !

Next Weeks Games:

Andy G will be inviting James, Trainset, Bookmarc, Robin and Brett ? to join him down a hole in the ground in D & D. I bet they go too.

Rob and Dave will journey to the Sudan, where they will be joined by Knuckles and Beef ?, in a colonial bash, no doubt to Black Powder.

Bradley and Vince will run a game yet to be decided (WOW in default) and will mop up Jamie and Roddy if they make it.


The landlord asked that all tables should be put back against the walls at the end of the night, as he was fed up doing it.

James reported Legionary was progressing on track, assisted by a shiney tournament advert in this months White Dwarf.

Mick reported that the new cupboard was left completely open (doors not even shut) last week. All agreed this was unacceptable. Bookmarc to source a combination lock, whilst Robin will take his power tool to the cupboard. Ooh err Mrs !

Last Week's Quote:

Well a couple of weeks back to be fair, was "Men Who Stare at Goats".

This Week's Quote:

"That's war"

"What's war ?"

"Trading real estate for men."


Friday, March 18, 2011

FPW Campaign Game Two - more of the same?

The French prepared themselves for more of the same. They dutifully lined up and prepared the bravery medals.

This time the German Guard Corps decided to have a little go. There were quite a few of them, well actually "thousands of them Sir".

The trouble with arrogant plans is sometimes they go wrong. As mentioned in a previous post the 1st Guard Corps ran away crying like shandy drinking Sponge-Bobs. Just look below at the remnants next to the Div commander with some rather disappointing markers next to his base. Oh well! Roll on next game ...

FPW Campaign Game One

Bradley deploys his French troops, wishing he actually was German ...

Then the Germans marched on....

It was bloody ...

... and the French marched off in disarray not really looking forward to the next game ...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Games for 23rd March 2011 ... and a few stories

OK, no Vince which means (Dave F here) I am in charge of the keyboard ... oh no! what can possibly go wrong. Right then, let's take a deep breath and get on with it.

What comes next? Oh yeah - GAMES FOR NEXT WEEK:
First we have a lovely Black Powder Napoleonic Game - Rob (the quiet one) will run it from deep and sunny Spain ("hey gringo"). I will also join in as well as Bookmarc (more about him later) and Brad (and more from him too).

Next game will be "A Very British Civil War" with Mick, James (probably having palpitations as he is reading this blog - ha ha ha ha ha ha ...), Robin (we have a quote later), Roddy, Trainset and Brett.

Now what happened on Weds 16th? Well, a long, long time ago somewhere in a far off part of Europe the French and Germans were at it again. Franco-Prussian War 1870. An entire German Guard Corps was unleashed on two unsuspecting French Divisions. Bookmarc had an easy job (even though Vince had left him on his own) to finish off the French - There is no way he could cock this up, was there? But Brad and Rob did have something to do with it. The French commanders carefully placed their troops, manoeuvred them when they needed to and generally played a blinder - that's what happened, which is why the German 1st Guard Division ran off screaming like girls, even though the French were a bit beaten up.

On the other table some sort of interstellar Big Friendly Giant or is that Battle Fleet Gothic game occured. Robin went home chuntering about the Imperials who used tactics to win the game. Brad and James just sniggered.

Quote of the week quote was really a comment about Robin's 40K army being dressed in 80's like leg warmer attire with big shoulder pads and big curly hair it's true, they have been out of date so long it won't be long before these fashions make a comeback.

Is there anyone I have missed out or not yet commented on, please let me know and I'll update the blog.

Ta Ta.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Games for 16th March 2011

Three games again last night.

In D & D Pathfinder, Bookmarc led the intrepid adventures astray. I wandered over to hear Robin take up the narrative, as he described the journey down a dark, dank passage and the terrible things that were encountered. I felt obliged to shout "Don't go in there boys. It's a trap.", but I couldn't stop them on their ring quest. I draw a veil over the unhappy scene.

Rob and Dave variously tried to promote or put down the Indian mutiny, with Rob's "two armies in a month" forces. Last I saw there had been a lot of shooting, but no up close and personal action.

In "Full Thrust" Mick and Bradley got well and truly shafted. A shame because Bradley had liked the rules when we started. Now he's not so keen.

Games for Next Week:

Franco Prussian War:

Part 2 - With Dave, Bookmarc, Bradley and Vince

Battle Fleet Gothic - Brett, Trainset, James and Robin

Incursion - Pretty sure Andy B was going to run that and Roddy is up for a game. Shout if not.


James reported back that Legionary preparations were on track, but asked members to push the tournaments on the gaming forums.

Mick has made the club a box of 6mm trees and will make another. Members agreed to pay for materials and voted £5 to Mick for materials. Purchase of trees at Salute cancelled.

Last Week's Quote:

Well if Mick and Phil hadn't got "Empire of the Sun" something must be adrift.

This Week's Quote:

"It's OK, we're Americans, we're here to help you !"

"What happened ?"

"I think I just ran him over. Oh crap."

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Games for 9th March 2011

Last night saw three games.

On the FUBAR table some very 40K like armies faced each other across a deadly space.

In ancient Warmaster a it looked like the Romans were taking on Brettonians, but that couldn't be the case as that would have been wrong. Maybe it was my eyesight.

In the WOW world aces Kempf and Baracca went down in flames. Looks like Italy lost their hero. Oh, well, they'll have to copy his "prancing horse" logo to use on some car or other instead.......

Next Week We Have:

Pathfinder: Jamie will be trying to take strength from the company of Brett, Andy G, James, Robin, Bookmarc and trainset. Good luck with that.

Blackpowder: Rob and Dave will be somewhere in the 18th or 19th centuries. I doubt either of them have ever left.

Sci-fi: Mick will be giving Bradley full thrust. Vince will be on the other side of the table. Well on the other side.


Devizes show: We've been invited, Mick is willing to put on a VBCW game, Andy B will probably drive. Brett to respond with tenative "yes".

Legionary: James reported adverts are placed, 13 traders and 15 games are booked so far and the tournament packs are sorted and on the website.

Rob sourced a GW games mat for the club for £16. Now in the cupboard.

Necromunda: Brett, Mick, Roddy, James, Robin and Vince to play in an informal campaign using only gangs from the basic rule book.

Last Weeks Quote:

Inglorious Basterds

This Weeks Quote:

"P 51 ! Cadillac of the sky !"