Thursday, March 10, 2011

Games for 16th March 2011

Three games again last night.

In D & D Pathfinder, Bookmarc led the intrepid adventures astray. I wandered over to hear Robin take up the narrative, as he described the journey down a dark, dank passage and the terrible things that were encountered. I felt obliged to shout "Don't go in there boys. It's a trap.", but I couldn't stop them on their ring quest. I draw a veil over the unhappy scene.

Rob and Dave variously tried to promote or put down the Indian mutiny, with Rob's "two armies in a month" forces. Last I saw there had been a lot of shooting, but no up close and personal action.

In "Full Thrust" Mick and Bradley got well and truly shafted. A shame because Bradley had liked the rules when we started. Now he's not so keen.

Games for Next Week:

Franco Prussian War:

Part 2 - With Dave, Bookmarc, Bradley and Vince

Battle Fleet Gothic - Brett, Trainset, James and Robin

Incursion - Pretty sure Andy B was going to run that and Roddy is up for a game. Shout if not.


James reported back that Legionary preparations were on track, but asked members to push the tournaments on the gaming forums.

Mick has made the club a box of 6mm trees and will make another. Members agreed to pay for materials and voted £5 to Mick for materials. Purchase of trees at Salute cancelled.

Last Week's Quote:

Well if Mick and Phil hadn't got "Empire of the Sun" something must be adrift.

This Week's Quote:

"It's OK, we're Americans, we're here to help you !"

"What happened ?"

"I think I just ran him over. Oh crap."

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