Thursday, March 17, 2011

Games for 23rd March 2011 ... and a few stories

OK, no Vince which means (Dave F here) I am in charge of the keyboard ... oh no! what can possibly go wrong. Right then, let's take a deep breath and get on with it.

What comes next? Oh yeah - GAMES FOR NEXT WEEK:
First we have a lovely Black Powder Napoleonic Game - Rob (the quiet one) will run it from deep and sunny Spain ("hey gringo"). I will also join in as well as Bookmarc (more about him later) and Brad (and more from him too).

Next game will be "A Very British Civil War" with Mick, James (probably having palpitations as he is reading this blog - ha ha ha ha ha ha ...), Robin (we have a quote later), Roddy, Trainset and Brett.

Now what happened on Weds 16th? Well, a long, long time ago somewhere in a far off part of Europe the French and Germans were at it again. Franco-Prussian War 1870. An entire German Guard Corps was unleashed on two unsuspecting French Divisions. Bookmarc had an easy job (even though Vince had left him on his own) to finish off the French - There is no way he could cock this up, was there? But Brad and Rob did have something to do with it. The French commanders carefully placed their troops, manoeuvred them when they needed to and generally played a blinder - that's what happened, which is why the German 1st Guard Division ran off screaming like girls, even though the French were a bit beaten up.

On the other table some sort of interstellar Big Friendly Giant or is that Battle Fleet Gothic game occured. Robin went home chuntering about the Imperials who used tactics to win the game. Brad and James just sniggered.

Quote of the week quote was really a comment about Robin's 40K army being dressed in 80's like leg warmer attire with big shoulder pads and big curly hair it's true, they have been out of date so long it won't be long before these fashions make a comeback.

Is there anyone I have missed out or not yet commented on, please let me know and I'll update the blog.

Ta Ta.

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