Thursday, March 24, 2011

Games for 30th March 2011

Three games last night:

Mick ran VBCW in 28mm. Apparently it was the English v the Scots (like that would ever happen). Last I saw, the Scots were having the better of it, with Trainset's men lying down on the job, having failed to out run a Renault FT 17 tank (shame on you) and Brett not liking the spanking he was receiving from Andy G (well don't ask him to do it next time !).

In the Black Powder game, lots of really small French tried to take out some Portugezzers and Brits. Just before I left Bookmarc's French columns were amongst the Portugezzers, as the Brits marched to the sound of the guns.

In Wings of War, my new SE5a saw off Jamie's Fokker DR1 (OK he blew up and we were both fairly beasted by then). In an evenly matched battle of the aces, Kempf met Bishop and didn't live to regret it !

Next Weeks Games:

Andy G will be inviting James, Trainset, Bookmarc, Robin and Brett ? to join him down a hole in the ground in D & D. I bet they go too.

Rob and Dave will journey to the Sudan, where they will be joined by Knuckles and Beef ?, in a colonial bash, no doubt to Black Powder.

Bradley and Vince will run a game yet to be decided (WOW in default) and will mop up Jamie and Roddy if they make it.


The landlord asked that all tables should be put back against the walls at the end of the night, as he was fed up doing it.

James reported Legionary was progressing on track, assisted by a shiney tournament advert in this months White Dwarf.

Mick reported that the new cupboard was left completely open (doors not even shut) last week. All agreed this was unacceptable. Bookmarc to source a combination lock, whilst Robin will take his power tool to the cupboard. Ooh err Mrs !

Last Week's Quote:

Well a couple of weeks back to be fair, was "Men Who Stare at Goats".

This Week's Quote:

"That's war"

"What's war ?"

"Trading real estate for men."


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