Thursday, March 03, 2011

Games for 9th March 2011

Last night saw three games.

On the FUBAR table some very 40K like armies faced each other across a deadly space.

In ancient Warmaster a it looked like the Romans were taking on Brettonians, but that couldn't be the case as that would have been wrong. Maybe it was my eyesight.

In the WOW world aces Kempf and Baracca went down in flames. Looks like Italy lost their hero. Oh, well, they'll have to copy his "prancing horse" logo to use on some car or other instead.......

Next Week We Have:

Pathfinder: Jamie will be trying to take strength from the company of Brett, Andy G, James, Robin, Bookmarc and trainset. Good luck with that.

Blackpowder: Rob and Dave will be somewhere in the 18th or 19th centuries. I doubt either of them have ever left.

Sci-fi: Mick will be giving Bradley full thrust. Vince will be on the other side of the table. Well on the other side.


Devizes show: We've been invited, Mick is willing to put on a VBCW game, Andy B will probably drive. Brett to respond with tenative "yes".

Legionary: James reported adverts are placed, 13 traders and 15 games are booked so far and the tournament packs are sorted and on the website.

Rob sourced a GW games mat for the club for £16. Now in the cupboard.

Necromunda: Brett, Mick, Roddy, James, Robin and Vince to play in an informal campaign using only gangs from the basic rule book.

Last Weeks Quote:

Inglorious Basterds

This Weeks Quote:

"P 51 ! Cadillac of the sky !"

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