Thursday, April 07, 2011

Games for 13th April 2011

Last night we had 3 games. In VBCW Brett was losing again, despite facing Robin, who looked more interested in his "Gay Nights" codex than anything else. On the rennaisance table it was really a battle of manoeuvre, with the Italians crossing a river to spank the Germans. In Wings of War, Andy B and Bradley showed that Fokker DR1's and SE5a's really were well matched. Next week we have: Franco Prussian War - The tiny tiddlers will be marshalled by Vince, Rob, Bradley, Dave, Bookmarc and Andy B. At a ratio of one commander per figure by the sounds of it ! BFG - Some space thing I understand. James, Brett, Roddy, Trainset and Robin will boldly go. Well, more baldly go in some cases. That leaves Knuckles and anyone else who turns up. So if you want to play, bring a game, because Knuckles won't. AOB - The club agreed to finance the purchase of 2 foot of river from "Last Valley" and a desert mat when members visit Salute. The model shop on Albion Hill now has a full range of GW paints in stock. Last Week's Quote: You are a jarhead if you didn't get it. This Week's Quote: "Those rosy red lips were made for kissing." "But not by you." And before anyone comments, it was not said to Beef during the last game of Memoir '44. Well, unless Bradley sneaked in whilst I was out of the room.

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