Friday, April 15, 2011

Games for 20/4/11

Last night saw 2 games. The volume for once was generated by the non-hysterical players on the BFG table as Robin managed to offend a third of his fleet into complete inaction before a ship had even moved. A few choice shots with two nova cannon saw the Orks rethink the whole "never brace" policy as the Imperial fleet score another victory. Can there be any orks left in Gothic sector?

On the the other table, Bradley was "forced to play the French" and saw the last few understrength and under-moral Prussians extend their holdings to Spain. I think.

Next week - the usual suspects are playing Pathfinder as the quick journey home after the last big fight enters it's third session. Rob and Dave are playing Black Powder something, and Andy B, Mick and Vince are smuggling pirated daleks. I may have drifted off at that point.

And what is it with blogspot and formating?????

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