Thursday, April 21, 2011

Games for 27th April 2011

Last night saw 3 games:

On the Black Powder table Italians/French met Austrians at Solferino. Not sure what the result was, but the French/Italian armies Guards turned out to be more like Girl Guides.

In D & D the party got trapped and paid a ransom, because they were all very scared.

On the Pirates table, the Undead Pirates won the day and some very pretty Black Scorpion models painted by Andy B got blooded. A couple of them got bent after Bradley dropped his tape on them. We should have done better, but you try killing undead !

Next Week's Games:

Ancients - Rob, Andy G and James, yep James, will be Hailing Caesar.

Very British Civil War - Mick, Andy B, Vince, Brett, Trainset and Gareth will be settling scores in the 1930's.

AOB - The treasurer said he would raise a cheque to pay Legionaries insurance.

James reported plans for Legionary were on track, take up for the tournaments was good but places were still available.

The club welcomed new member Gareth. A skirmish player, he agreed to come back next week despite getting his Goblins spanked on the Pirates table.

Magic, what ? - Jamie and Bradley will be put in the darkest corner and covered with a cloth.

Last Week's Quote -

Well a couple of weeks back actually, was from "Revelation of the Daleks". OK, that is cheating, but I was sure Andy B would get it.

This Week's Quote:

"Pain can be controlled - you just disconnect it."


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