Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Battle of Megadodo - Hail Caesar - Chariots and stuff

So Black Powder gets a make over and the soldiers are given sharp sticks and knives to fight with. Nothing goes bang in these rules. Playing very similar to a modified Warmaster Ancients with Rick Priestley's tuned being played. In this battle we have Egyptians with their chariots fighting against Caananites and their chariots. A suitable mix of spearman, archers and skirmishers were also provided to try these rules out for the first time. So with suitably loud cheers the cameraman deployed ...

The Caananites charged into the valley for two reasons, they felt bravely confident and also didn't realise how dangerous it was to do this. Never mind the Egyptians rubbed their hands with glee.

The fighting was quite bloody but the Egyptians prevailed as we see ... that's right take off the casaulties ...

Although the Egyptians pushed the Caananites back up the hill and nearly managed to break their first division the reinforcements stopped the attack. Because the Egyptian reinforcements also deployed late and slowly they were unable to make any impact on the Battle. So the Egyptian God-King decided it was the fault of his generals and had them all mummified.

So Hail Black Caeser Powder have proved to be a good set of club rules allowing the gamers to enjoy the game and not be dragged into long beardy discussions on Codex wording, points values and other annoying minutia. Ta Ta.

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