Friday, May 13, 2011

Re-visit of Tewksbury

Something to do with Kings and guns and roses ... what? So first we deployed, using Hail Caeser Ancients ruleset, our second game with these rules. Last week it was chariots and almost sharp sticks, this week the sticks are metallic and we added a little gunpowder and a lot more armour.

We had to do a few preliminaries. If each side rolled a 6 at the start one of the commanders was subjected to treachery meaning the leadership value of one commander was reduced to 5 rather than 8. Effectively making that commander useless and pretty, well treacherous. Lets take a look at the results ... both sides rolled sixes. It was going to be one of those games.

Then we began some maneouvre towards each other. Which developed into an archery dual until one side presented a weakness. In the case of the Lancastrians they started to blink first.

So they decided (with heavy hints from the umpire) to send their heavy cavalry down the flank to create a glorious victory, led by the King of course.

The Yorkists managed to get their heavy cavalry over, just in time. They let the Lancastrian charge into the pike block to weaken them before a gloriuos change in the course of British history.

King on the right going ...

... going ...

... gone.

Bring on the new dynasty.

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