Saturday, June 11, 2011

Games for 15/06/11

This week, Trainset had a mouthful at Pathfinder, before a hugely dangerous and enjoyable fight that we threw ourselves into unprepared. Again. Others were playing VBCW, LOTR, and something Rob found in Rick Priestly's bin when he last went though it. Could have been a rules ammendment, could have been a shopping list. Who knows.

Next week, we can offer a Rick Priestly Game (Rob, Dave, Bill?), Secrets of the Third Reich, if the injunction has been lifted (Andy B, Mick, Vince), Lord of the Rings (Knuckles, Simon, and Gareth and Roddy - you were warned), and Warhammer Quest - everyone else.

Film quote was obviously (to some) Johnny Mnemonic, Keanu's finest role. This week - "When will these people learn how to fly?"

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