Saturday, June 18, 2011

Games for 22/06/2011 - plus Ironhaven

Last night saw the club split between 1859, Warhammer Quest, Lord of the Rings and Secrets of the third Reich. All fantasy games again then.

Next week, Brett, Roddy, Bookmark and Bradley return to Mars while I try and keep order. The Rick Priestly Fan Club break away to play Blitzkreig Commander, Robin and Andy will play Warhammer 8th, no really they will, and Mick, Gareth and Trainset play Very British Civil War.

Last weeks film was X2, a modern classic. Well, a bit of a laugh anyway. This week is easier for you - " The slow blade penetrates the shield. " - anyone who doesn't get that, Phil will lend you the Webley.

In other news, there's a new gaming hall on Marsh Barton. Here's their blurb.

Ironhaven Games is a Gaming Hall with an attached store as opposed to the other way around and we work on a membership basis. We offer three 12’x6’ tables plus space for another three 4’x4’ tables, all of which have scatter terrain and are separately themed.

We are open Tues/Wed/Thurs evenings from 5:30pm-10pm and Sat/Sun from 10am-6pm.

Membership costs £15 a month and as well as access every day we are open, it also gives members a 20% discount off RRP on all products and tournament tickets, plus priority for upcoming events such as games designer visits. We are also working on a range of other member benefits such as a book/DVD library and painting demos.
Non-members are charged at £2.50 a session per evening and £3.50 per session at the weekend, non-members also receive a 10% discount off RRP.

We’ve been officially opened since the 4th June and are actively looking to support clubs in the area with events, tournaments etc.

Here’s our (developing) website!

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