Sunday, June 05, 2011

Games for 8th June

This week, Bradley ran an ACW encounter for Brett, Roddy and yours truely - which was truely a first. Normally when the Union army is routing from the field in its entirety, it's heading towards my side of table. With a rebel yell, etc.

The Rick Priestly Fab Club turned to ancient Egypt in their continuing quest to break Hail Caesar, and sounded like they enjoyed it. Everyone else played Strange Grog with Andy's Pirates, and why not.

Next week - the Pathfinder Fan Club will continue to wander around a tropical island in fear and distress - it's a stag weekend gone wrong. The RPFC and Vince will play either Black Powder or Hail Ceasar, and Andy B, Mick, Roddy and Bradley will be playing Very British Civil War.

Last week was obviously Highlander (there should have been only one). This week - "If you're not expected then you're not invited - SO F*** OFF!"

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