Thursday, July 28, 2011

Games for 03/08

You can tell it's Pathfinder night when most of the tape measures are still in the cupboard. Roddy proved his worth as a trap finder - albeit slightly too late in most cases - as the party wandered up and down a trail as I forgot an important item of equipment. Er, back to the camp next session lads. Sorry. Other tables saw Future War Commander, Warhammer and Very British Civil War swinging pleasantly to the left for once.

Next week we have 20mm modern Iraqistan from Tom, with Tony and room for two more?; Bliztkreig Commander with Bill, Taff, and two others - Andy B, Rob, Robin, slot yourselves in one of those if you're down. Elsewhere Brett, Mike and Trainset will play something colonial and me, Mick, Roddy and Bradley will play.... something else colonial. Or Napoleonic, or Fantasy, depending on how Martian Empires is viewed that night.

Flim last week was Clerks. I thought Mick might be the only one, and the rest of you should be ashamed. Easier one for you -
"There's supposed to be a river here."
"Them ecology boys must've moved it."

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