Saturday, July 16, 2011

Games for 20/07/2011

This week we had a fairly quiet and civilised game of Hordes of the Things overlooking the sea, while everyone else enjoyed watching a game of pre WW2 Very British Civil War. Roddy's command dice were crap at vital moments, Trainset parked in the graveyard, and the British elite mounted wing fled the scene. Think that covers it.

Next week - another VBCW Devises practice for Mick, Brett, Trainset, Bradley and Gareth; Memoir 44 with Taff (yes Taff) Tony and Bookmark; more pre-Columbus Hordes with me and Roddy and maybe Bill, or possibly Blitzkrieg commander or WFB 8th with Bill and Robin. Everyone else, bring down something to amuse yourselves.

Quote was probably the only line from Dusk till Dawn suitable for the blog. No one got it so I win. The end.

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