Friday, July 01, 2011

Games for July 6th

This week saw 3 games and some LOTR figures unpacked and repacked. Very British Civil War had turned into a discussion on period phone boxes when I passed it, and the Napoleonic Naval was just like ships passing in the night. That only leaves me to draw a veil, or possibly a shroud, over the annual Epic game where due to failures in army selection, deployment, tactics, and (mostly) dice rolling, the Dark Angels were wiped out by turn 2. Hey ho. I blame Roddy.

Next week - Brett and Bradley come back to Mars with me; Bill and Rob come not to praise Preistly but to Hail him; Mick and Vince descend to the Underhive, and Knuckles and Trainset are playing LOTR.

Last week's quote was Serenity. This week "Are your men on the right pills?"

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