Monday, October 31, 2011

Hordes league

Forgot to mention - the following week (09/11/11) we will be having a small Hordes of the Things league, much to the shock of Andy B who prefers more serious matters like his cybernetic nazi gorilla. 24AP armies, 15mm base sizes, loan armies available from Bradley or me. The rules are now a free download here - as an unzipped 17mb file (don't ask me) - and many army lists and the tactical manual can be found at the excellent Meadhall site here -

Complaints to the usual address...

Games for 02/11

Next week the club is split 50/50 between adults, playing Great Northern War (it's grim oop North) under Black Powder; and the rest of us, playing something with Mick and Vampires.

You can even have another quote, even though you didn't get the last one -

- If I don't come back, tell mother I love her.
- Your mother's dead, Llewelyn.
- Well then I'll tell her myself.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Games for 26th and stuff...

Apologies for late post; birthdays, games etc have interferred...

Next week we have Pathfinder with me, Andy G, Brett, Trainset, Bookmark, Roddy and Robin. Andy and Vince are playing Secrets of the Third Reich; Mick and Bradley are playing Warhammer 8th; and The Rick Priestley Fan Club will be playing with uniforms. Or maybe tanks.

Some AOB - someone try and remember to discuss the Christmas meal this week; we'll have a Hordes league in 15mm in a couple of weeks time; also Grubby Tanks and Forlorn Hope have booked in for the show, details on the Legionary Website here. Now have about a dozen traders and half a dozen games (which I'll add to the site shortly!).


Friday, October 14, 2011

Games for 19th October

Right then. This week I was given command of the Bismarck and successfully sunk the Hood by 21:00. Not often History goes my way so I'm going to gloat about that. Mark did then get his revenge in Bommerz but there you go. Elsewhere Mick, Roddy and a blast from the past played VBCW, Bradley and Robin played 8th and Robin hit his own knights with a comet, and Rob and Dave did something Hail Caeser ish.

Next week - me and Roddy are playing 15mm sci fi; Bradley and Taff are playing WFB 8th; the RPFC with the fully assimilated Brett are playing something Germanic; Mick and Bookmark are playing VBCW; and Vince and Andy B are probably playing FOW.

Have a think please about a Christmas do on the 14th - other halves welcome but as suggestions so far include a "WAGS table" or making them dress as camp followers, attend at their own risk.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

6mm NATO Troops

So Dave has finally got his 1975-85 NATO 6mm CWC troops ready for the table top. Here are a few views of them in the final stages of preparation, namely that all important varnish. The are three mechanised rifle companies, one armoured squadron (Leopards and M48 Pattons) and supports such as Milans, Artillery and fast ground attack. In addition to the NATO forces there is a Canadian Rifle Battalion of three companies, with Grizzly APCs - but not much else ... so on with the visual show:

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Games for the 12th

Games for the 12th stand pretty much unchanged, with the RPFC playing something by RP; Bradley will play WFB, and me, Bookmark and Taff will play Victory at Sea; but we do have the addition of Mick running a VBCW skirmish for stragglers who make it past Bradley.

Three of us paid a flying visit to Rygas to discuss the show - all very pleasant and amicable, and Legionary 2012 is on a good footing thanks to some support from Rygas. Cheers lads.

Film quote is [just after the piano explodes] "That doesn't usually happen".

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Games for 05/10 and maybe 12/10

Only 3 games played this week - I proved that WFB was not essentially any different in this edition and lost; Mick introduced a new chap to the club and very kindly lost as well; and the RPFC played something historical in an evening that Brett likes. Who'd have thunk it.

Next week - me, Brett, Mick and Bookmark are travelling up to Rygas to discuss some show stuff, and then with no hint of irony play Very British Civil War; the RPFC are playing with uniforms. Or tanks. Maybe tanks. Bradley is playing WFB 8th with anyone too slow to another game, and if Vince and Andy B are down they'll play something. Possibly WFB 8th if they're slow off the mark.

However - Andy G wants run a Pathfinder at some point, either Shiv or a one off, so if anyone wants to play that sound off.

For the 12th, as things stand - the RPFC will play something by RP; Bradley will play WFB, and me, Bookmark and Taff will play Victory at Sea; unless something happens to change that.