Saturday, October 01, 2011

Games for 05/10 and maybe 12/10

Only 3 games played this week - I proved that WFB was not essentially any different in this edition and lost; Mick introduced a new chap to the club and very kindly lost as well; and the RPFC played something historical in an evening that Brett likes. Who'd have thunk it.

Next week - me, Brett, Mick and Bookmark are travelling up to Rygas to discuss some show stuff, and then with no hint of irony play Very British Civil War; the RPFC are playing with uniforms. Or tanks. Maybe tanks. Bradley is playing WFB 8th with anyone too slow to another game, and if Vince and Andy B are down they'll play something. Possibly WFB 8th if they're slow off the mark.

However - Andy G wants run a Pathfinder at some point, either Shiv or a one off, so if anyone wants to play that sound off.

For the 12th, as things stand - the RPFC will play something by RP; Bradley will play WFB, and me, Bookmark and Taff will play Victory at Sea; unless something happens to change that.

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