Friday, October 14, 2011

Games for 19th October

Right then. This week I was given command of the Bismarck and successfully sunk the Hood by 21:00. Not often History goes my way so I'm going to gloat about that. Mark did then get his revenge in Bommerz but there you go. Elsewhere Mick, Roddy and a blast from the past played VBCW, Bradley and Robin played 8th and Robin hit his own knights with a comet, and Rob and Dave did something Hail Caeser ish.

Next week - me and Roddy are playing 15mm sci fi; Bradley and Taff are playing WFB 8th; the RPFC with the fully assimilated Brett are playing something Germanic; Mick and Bookmark are playing VBCW; and Vince and Andy B are probably playing FOW.

Have a think please about a Christmas do on the 14th - other halves welcome but as suggestions so far include a "WAGS table" or making them dress as camp followers, attend at their own risk.

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