Monday, October 24, 2011

Games for 26th and stuff...

Apologies for late post; birthdays, games etc have interferred...

Next week we have Pathfinder with me, Andy G, Brett, Trainset, Bookmark, Roddy and Robin. Andy and Vince are playing Secrets of the Third Reich; Mick and Bradley are playing Warhammer 8th; and The Rick Priestley Fan Club will be playing with uniforms. Or maybe tanks.

Some AOB - someone try and remember to discuss the Christmas meal this week; we'll have a Hordes league in 15mm in a couple of weeks time; also Grubby Tanks and Forlorn Hope have booked in for the show, details on the Legionary Website here. Now have about a dozen traders and half a dozen games (which I'll add to the site shortly!).


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