Monday, November 28, 2011

Games for 30/11/11 & Bristol

Hard as it was for me to cope with the waves of enthusiasm and organisation at nien o'clock [1] I'm informed the following is happening. RPFC are playing either HC or BP; and James, Roddy, Bradley and Trainset are playing Hordes of the Things. That's all folks.

Week after is the 7th and the Club Christmas meal - the pub has taken a proper paying booking that night so THERE IS NO CLUB 07/12/11. We'll be downstairs eating and drinking.

The Bristol show was a very pleasant day out, thanks to Bradley for driving and Mick for laying on the game - much admired and discussed, and responsible for boosting Bristol's economy with extra tea light sales. Good to catch up with the Berkeley Vale club in my case, GWP regulars in Mick's, and do a very small ammount of shopping.

[1] Does anyone have a game planned, or even in mind? (long pause) …….nien……

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